About the Site

This site has been created to exploit the technology of the internet and computers at the unique time in history when they can be used to document and advise the world of its one-time-only rendezvous with destiny.  No other time like this has ever existed, nor ever will again.  This is the kind of function for which the Internet, a free and uncensored Internet, was invented.  If no one uses the Internet to plainly state that the world as we know it has come to its inevitable end, it will have been completely wasted.  Freedom, as it has existed in the United States and imitated to limited degrees elsewhere is a defining characteristic of the Internet.  Without freedom, the Internet is meaningless, and without the United States, freedom will cease to exist in any form on any medium anywhere on Earth.

After studying History for much of life, I finally decided to obtain a college degree in the subject that would at least serve as a credential with the word “History” on it, and after plowing through the canned syllabus and curriculum of the University of Arizona’s Social Sciences program and graduating with Honors, discovered that I had learned precious little of additional value beyond what I had already learned.  However, the most significant discovery from my University studies was “Why no one knows History.”

The objective of this website is to inform.  The degree to which it may inflame, enrage, disgust, alienate or otherwise evoke negative reactions is, well, tough.  I have spent more than fifty of my sixty-one years telling people about such things, and have become quite accustomed to the indignant reactions they evoke, so admit to being thoroughly calloused to them.   Please be assured, that with all due respect, I am utterly indifferent to your contempt.

This is what’s what, and that’s that.

In the words of Saturday Night Live icons Hans and Frans:  “Hear me now and believe me later!”