World War III Is Under Way

World War III has already begun and underway for a full year as of February, 2023. This is easy to recognize, as all of the same circumstances that existed early in the first two of the three world wars are in play. No one needs to be the least bit of a historian to see this with crystalline clarity.

First, another weak, ineffectual Democrat is in the Presidency. Democrat Woodrow Wilson was elected on the premise that he “kept us out of the war” then already raging in Europe. Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt then came along and allowed America to appear irresolute, inviting Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. It is this same weakness manifested in Joseph Biden as if on steroids that enables and encourages America’s enemies to plan a third global – and globalist – conflict.

Second, the warfare has begun as a localized conflict in Europe, for as much as two years before being joined fully by the United States. The first “world war” began in July, 1914 and was not joined by Americans until April, 1917, 32 months later. 21 years after that war ended, Germany invaded Poland in September, 1939; the United States did not enter and make it a second “world war” until December 1941, 26 months later. Additionally, both the first and second wars were presaged by conflicts in the Orient, with Imperial Russia engaged in war with Japan (WW I), and Japan’s invasion Manchuria (WW II). For our third far eastern conflict, observe Red China menacing Taiwan.

Third, the United States provides materiel assistance to one or both sides, as with the munitions shipped aboard “unarmed” passenger ships as with Lusitania (WW I) and Lend Lease (WW II) – and now, with milquetoast President Biden providing military and financial support to Ukraine, the United States is gradually being enveloped in a third world war.

So, based on this simple, easily recognizable historical pattern, Americans must realize that the third and final world war has begun, and that we can expect all of the worst effects of the previous two with one tragic difference: this time, America is not going to win. Inasmuch as the same, renascent Roman Empire in cahoots with Red China and Russia has replayed the same template used against the last of the Phoenician Empire in the three Punic wars ending in 145 B.C.E. with the complete obliteration of Carthage, the plan is to completely exterminate the entire American population, save the most “well-favored” children (if they again choose to be as “generous” as the early Romans were with Carthage).

Suffice it to say, our lives are over.

The good news is, there is still hope – in Jesus, for all who recognize the finiteness of both their own lives and of the life of their country. Given that, just as the average life expectancy of a person is 75 years, and that the life expectancy of a nation is 13 generations, or 260 years, America’s Use By date is fast approaching, having been artificially accelerated by myriad Trojan Horses and WMDs of sociological, political and economic warfare, not to mention our own hubris and structural ignorance of the realities of history, we are confronted with the decision whether to accept Jesus/Yeshua as Lord and Savior, no less than if we had lived at any other time.

I pray that all reading this choose wisely.

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