Abortion – A Real Men’s Issue

Attacking abortion for the atrocity that it is only addresses a symptom of a much greater social evil instead of addressing its cause, allowing society to evade responsibility. Women who seek abortions are, for the most part seeking to relieve themselves of the results of some man’s irresponsibility first, and their own carelessness and recklessness second. Right-to-Life and other anti-abortion activists should be focusing their fanaticism on the behavior of men, the stronger of the sexes, rather than on that of the weaker women who are much more inconvenienced by pregnancy than men, as long as men continue to enjoy society’s double-standard of giving the guys a “pass,” not holding them (us) accountable for the results of our lusts. Certainly, if the man is the stronger of the sexes, he should first apply his strength to harnessing himself.
But, of course, what self-respecting feminist would ever admit or assign an enhanced level of responsibility or power to a man?

Religious people who insist that every pregnancy is somehow a gift or blessing from God and should be permitted to complete its term presumes that every act of sex is also a blessing from God. Like the copulations that gave us Charles Manson and Michael Andrew Olds, one the result of prostitution, the other of the rape of a 14-year old, and both occurring decades before abortion was legal in the United States. The reader is sure to be aware of many other cases in which the act of sexual intercourse was inspired by some force other than Almighty God.

The God of the Bible places ultimate responsibility for the life of the child directly on the man. The soul of the child originates with the man, as does its very life. Though Scripture had documented these realities thousands of years earlier, not until 1677 when Anthonie Van Leeuwenhoek first observed live sperm cells under his newly-perfected microscope and saw them vigorously swimming, as compared with the female’s immobile egg exhibiting no sign of life – until combined with the sperm – was this fact verified by science.

Feminists don’t want men to be responsible, and don’t want society to hold us responsible. That would give us power. As explained to me by a young woman friend attending “Women’s Lib” meetings being conducted at her high school in Bellevue, Washington in 1971, the movement was “also about men’s liberation” – liberation from our “roles” as breadwinner, husband, father and head of household. In no other area has Second Wave Feminism been more successful than in this full frontal assault on the American male and of his role in the continuation of human life. Susan Faludi’s lame protestations in her book STIFFED – The Betrayal of the American Man to the contrary notwithstanding. Because of this and a multitude of other sociological poisons, men have been turned into pathetic satires of our former, robust selves. Camille Paglia condemns the manner in which primary schools are turning us into “neuters” by limiting young boys’ naturally physically aggressive play.

Decadent Western societies wink at men’s taking advantage of star-struck and bedazzled young women, yet see nothing wrong with harassing unfortunate young ladies when they seek to relieve themselves of the results of their failures by whatever means they find necessary, including abortion. All the man has to do is take a shower and freshen up, while the woman must worry about whether she’s pregnant, then when she discovers that she is, endure deep, personal anguish over how best to address her situation.

Reducing or eliminating abortion as a social evil would be best accomplished by efforts to encourage men to act responsibly. Instead of picketing abortion providers and the virtual terror tactics of “rescues” or the literal terror tactics of bombings, shootings and vandalism, anti-abortion activists might strategically position themselves at known “lover’s lanes” and outside drinking establishments at “The girls all get prettier at closing time”, or anywhere else dubious “hookups” are initiated.

Rare feminists have made and continue to make occasional, feeble attempts to agitate for holding men responsible, but no one, certainly not men as presently indoctrinated, and even less, ranking feminists show any enthusiasm for supporting them since much of the animus of feminism is the dis-empowering and emasculation of men. Feminists are perfectly happy to see men waste themselves and their seed, feeding the immensely profitable abortion enterprise. You know who you are.

Let it be known that men have been hereby counseled to repudiate and defy feminism, to reassert their responsibilities as men for the life, support and upbringing of their children – beginning before the first gleam in their eye.

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