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As difficult as it is for a physician to inform a patient and his family that there is nothing more he can do to save the patient’s life and that he will shortly die, it is no easier for a person who has learned History to tell people that they, their country or civilization is terminally ill and has only a short time to live.  And I feel just as helpless to do anything to prevent my country from dying as I have with both of my parents  and both of my younger sisters as they inexorably slipped away.

Please notice that I am not what is commonly called a Historian, nor do I wish to be confused with that worthless, simpering, cowardly confraternity of milquetoasts cowering in their ivory towers , allowing the greatest cataclysms of the past to repeat in real time – without uttering even the feeblest word of warning.

Given the spectacular incompetence of government, the hypocrisy of religious leaders, the cynicism of corporate fat cats, the insidious infestation of education by a vermiculture of sociological change agents and succubi, and the profound depths of the general population’s ignorance and apathy, there is no better suggestion to be made than simply to repeat the burlesqued Civil Defense placard that ended with “Place your head firmly between your knees. Then, kiss your ass goodbye.”

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