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Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ and JFK

Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ and JFK What could the assassinations of Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ and President John F. Kennedy possibly have in common? First, the motives for killing them were much the same. All three tried to make life better for the disadvantaged people of their times. They all threatened the established power elites […]

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JFK and Education.

JFK and Education It is entirely possible, that, aside from your reading it here and now, the world will never know this truth. Even today, as we approach the 58th anniversary of the President’s cold–blooded murder, most of the United States population has no idea. Whereas enough time has passed to know who killed Julius […]

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JFK From a Fifth Grader

JFK From a Fifth Grader At first, I thought it might be fun to write a book on the JFK Assassination like the popular “…for Dummies,” or “…for the Complete Idiot” format that one sees for just about everything else these days.  But I found out that somebody has already written a “for Dummies” and […]

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