The United States of America IS History

You have just entered the most frightening place you will ever be. Here you will learn that not only is your country coming to an end, your freedom, and your very life are at an end. It makes no difference if you are Republican or Democrat, homeowner or renter, atheist, religious or Christian, vegetarian or carnivorous, the life of the country and nearly all of its people are at an end.
As difficult as it is for a doctor to inform a patient and his family that there is nothing more he can do to save the patient’s life and that he will shortly die, it is no easier for a person who has learned History to tell people that they, their country or civilization is terminally ill and has only a short time to live. And I feel just as helpless to do anything to prevent my country from dying as I have with both of my parents and both of my younger sisters as they inexorably slipped away.
What would I say? Men, get your families back together and take them to church, stop reading porn, chasing other women, drinking, taking drugs, gambling.  Women, quit trying to be men and work at taking care of your children, and keeping your husbands happy.  Or to preachers, stop sugar-coating the Bible and tell it like it is, that Catholicism is the Whore of Babylon and is poisoning your country and your society, and that Jesus is the only “…Way, Truth and the Life…” Or, to the government, stop printing money and making it worthless, or stop handing out free money, close the southern border. Or to people, stop being obese, and stop spoiling your children. Or to companies, stop exporting jobs, or to unions, stop driving up the cost of labor.
No one would listen, much less act, so my only choice is to stand back and watch my country die, and make some hopeful attempt to warn people that their time is at an end.

The simple reality is that nothing lasts forever, all things must pass, this too shall pass – we’ve heard it all our lives.  The only thing and the only hope of anything enduring is faith in Jesus at whatever time or place we live.

Crowns and thrones may perish

Kingdoms rise and wane

But the Church of Jesus

Constant will remain

From “Onward Christian Soldiers”